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Factors to Know About Skoda Kodiaq SUV

At one point in time, Skoda was not that glamorous in the motoring world. However, with the progress in the recent decades, the Skoda has risen in ranks in the business to a place where it has gained esteem and a competitive edge on the market. This is sometimes seen from the Skoda Kodiaq SUV that is geared toward furthering reliability and credibility to newer heights. While most of the tops brands in the motor world have boasted of holding top positions in the SUV market, like the Subaru, kodiaq has made a new entrant with a promise to give its competitors a run for their money. Despite its late entrance, the SUV has amazing features, like seven chairs, 6 feet wide and 15 feet long.

The MPG and cost are also important considerations when analyzing the SUV. At some point of production of this brand, you’d face critical fuel bills. This has changed with the efficient engine technology and its fuels saving strategies. The prices have been reduced greatly, which is good considering its more than 50MPG and taxation is affordable given the size of the car. It has a Skoda optimized ACT engine, with petrol fuel capacity engine of 1. 4 liter 123BHP. This reduces fuel consumption when cruising by stopping two of the four cylinders.

This SUV is made to survive in a wide range of terrain. It may be driven on both rough and smooth terrain. Should you need assistance depending on your driving location, mud tires will come in handy. To add on this, its own four-wheel capabilities will allow you to overcome all kinds of terrain, but in an additional fuel price. You therefore have o be quite keen when scaling a mountain with no right mounts of gas in store. Its five seats capacity is offers great deal of relaxation for five passengers with the driver with more than enough space to drive. But when you add the additional two seats, it will have a tighter journey for all passengers as the head area will be reduced considerably.

In terms of safety, the Kodiaq was given a five star rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests, getting a 77 percent rate for kids protection while a 92 percent rating for the adult protection. Its automatic emergency braking standard offered excellent results across a selection of results. The SUV comes with additional security features like blind spot warning or auto-dipping headlights that only come with the Kodiaqs edition. To add on this, it has an adaptive cruise control that makes it good for a smooth journey and lane keeping assistance allows you to match the speed of the car in front. It will break for you is the traffic is slow moving.

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