Rhapsody of Realities: A Devotional Book by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

About the Book

Rhapsody of Realities is a devotional book, that is authored by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The book is, commonly, known as “Messenger Angel.” It is designed to be used by Christians and non-Christians around the world, including Christ Embassy believers and non-believers. It is one of the best-selling devotional books in the world.

The book is published in new languages each year, to increase its access throughout the world. The book has spread the word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to millions of people.

The inspiration material has been translated into more than 900 languages, in more than 242 countries. Some of the major languages that have been used to write the book include Afrikaans, Cantonese, Finnish, Dutch, English, Myanmar, Mandarin, Croatian, Arabic, Russian, Iceland, Hindi, French, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Swahili and Spanish.

A full pictorial and middle-page magazine, LoveWorld News, features in the book, to provide updates and trending information. In most cases, the news article includes reports and updates pertaining Pastor Chris Oyakhilome`s missions. The magazine is used to uplift the believers`in their spiritual development. LoveWorld members, who have used the devotional, testified that the book refreshed, positioned and transformed their lives. It enables them to be successful at their jobs, facilitates the success of their families and enables them to acquire better living standards.

How to Acquire the Book

While Rhapsody of Realities is a high-retailing devotional book, many people do not know where they can access the material. Pastor Chirs has set up several headquarters around the world to facilitate, the distributions of the devotional book, around the world. Such headquarters include Thames View Business in the UK, Texas and Charlotte in the U.S., Abuja in Nigeria, Toronto in Canada and Pretoria in South Africa.

How to Use the Book

Pastor Chris` devotional book is renowned for its outstanding spiritual perspectives. Chris includes a daily confession, a theme scripture, a Bible reading plan, a daily topic and a daily message. The esteemed Reverend outlines guidelines and instructions, that readers should follow when studying the material.


  1. The first step, of reading the book, involves determining the best time to concentrate, while reading the daily topic. Rev. Chris explains that a committed believer should search for a silent place, during a quiet time, to study the book`s texts. People should avoid reading the book during rush hours, unless it is necessary. Committed believers will always start their day by, first, reading the daily texts.


  1. The second step entails saying the confession prayers out loud. Pastor Chris explained that a loud confession has a greater impact and significance than silent prayers. A young male believer gave a testimony, in the LoveWorld News magazine, how the loud confessions transformed his life. He repeated the prayer texts each day until he became connected with the Holy Spirit. The young believer experienced extraordinary miracles. The believer succeeded in his marriage, family and career. The author, a minister of God, encourages Christians to follow the same trend, to receive divine intervention.


  1. In the third step, believers are required to set a Bible study schedule. Christ, however, points out that diligence and consistency are crucial for any successful Bible study plan. Christians should use a one-year or a two-year Bible-reading plan, within which they will complete reading the spiritual book. They should repeat the process, severally, to have a full grasp of the word of God.


The pastor dedicated a few pages of the devotional to explain the importance of making personal decision to follow the material`s counsel and instructions. He outlined various instructions, secrets and insights. Individuals who fail to read the exceptional book, miss precious knowledge and information regarding God`s Kingdom.

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