Lidgard Shades

​6 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Shade Sails


A shade sail enhances the aesthetic value of your property and offers relief from the harmful sun radiations. Basically, these blinds provide shade and their materials are water resistant and breathable. Moreover, they are strong enough to hold up in most weather conditions. But you have to take care of them appropriately. Here are some things you must avoid.


  1. Using the blind near open flames

Most materials for deck shade sails are fire retardant but it is advisable to keep them off open fire sources. It would be a very bad idea to but barbeque under the structure- you might end up having a bigger fire than you expected. Furthermore, the shade will concentrate fume toxins around the space.


  1. Using chlorine to clean

You cannot use harsh chemicals to wash the shades. Note that the material is synthetic and might deteriorate when exposed to chlorine or harsh chemicals. For cleaning, use mild detergents free of chlorine.


  1. Overstretching and under-stretching

The blinds are made of fabric materials. For the material to stay strong and stable during windy conditions, the material should be pulled to free out the wrinkles. However, you should maintain a tension of 100lbs and below. It should be stretched with hands nicely and tightly rather than taut. To increase the tension, engage the turnbuckle slightly in case it starts to sag.


  1. Using the washing machine

The best method of washing deck shade sails is handwashing. Under no circumstance should you wash the blind in a washing machine. The other things to avoid include abrasive cleaners, stiff brushes, and scouring pads.


  1. Leaving it in the snow

A shade sail cannot handle snow load. It’s better to take it down when the snowfall starts. If you live in a snowy region, you should consider other types of blinds.


  1. Storing while still wet

Storing a wet shade is a good way to attract mold and mildew. After a thorough cleaning, ensure that your material dries completely and then store it in a dry place.


Shade sail canopies are super attractive when they are new. You want to maintain this appearance for years by avoiding the 6 mistakes. Always know what you are getting your blind into before using, washing, cleaning, or storing your shade sail.