Discover Semarang Hidden Paradise Part 2

While deciding the city for your next holiday, you need to figure out first what you want to get in your next holiday? Is it just a visitation around the city or want to have something beautiful and natural view to enjoy it? If you have decided to get beautiful and natural view to enjoy, it means you need to spend a lot of time to get it. You can choose Semarang, in Central Java as your next holiday trip. Well, if you want to get to nature, it takes longer time to reach it than you just go around the city. Hence, make sure you have a lot of time to visit one or all of the discover Semarang hidden paradise that you want.

In this city, you will get the uniqueness of views which can make you feel better while enjoying the weather and scenery around it. You just need to find the discover Semarang hidden paradise that you can visit. There are the lists of hidden paradise part 2:

  1. Curug Benowo. It is one of favorite waterfalls in Semarang. Well, if you want to get to this waterfall, you should pass longer trip because the journey is tiring and difficult and you should passthe rocky terrain and takes about 2 hours to reach it. However, you wil get paid as what you have spent the journey to this waterfall.
  2. Mount Merbabu. If you love to climb a mount, this mount will be your best choices. You should know that this Mountain is called as Hilamaya’s Central Java because it has the perfect look of Hilamaya which can make you get the perfect photos. Enjoying the sunrise from the height in this mountain will be your best journey ever.
  3. Marina Beach. It is one of small beaches in Semarang. You can do many activities here such as swimming, riding the speed boat, water skiing, and also cycling around this beach.
  4. Tirang Beach. If you want to get the clean and perfect blue beach, this place is your best choices. You also can take photos in Tirang Coast mangroves which can make you get additional photo spots in this beach.
  5. Kalu Pancur Waterfall. If you are looking for the waterfall which becomes the most popular waterfalls with natural views on it, you can choose this waterfall. It offers you a high waterfalls for about 150 meters height with the natural stones and grown with trees around it. You should prepare your stamina well before visiting this waterfall because you should passes for about 900 stairs before reach this site.
  6. Maron Beach. It is one of the popular attractions in Semarang. It offers you beautiful and exotic beaches. It will be your best choices to enjoy your day with sunbathing here.

Those are some of discover Semarang hidden paradise part 2 you can visit some or all of them. It all depends on how long your holiday in this city and what kind of hidden paradise you want to visit.



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